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    Managed Services

    Fully Manged PCs, Servers, & Networks

    For most small and medium-sized businesses, I.T. is daunting, expensive and often has more problems than it's worth. This is where we come in... our team will fully manage your PCs, networks and services as if we were your I.T. department (because we are).

    IT Support

    Need help with an issue?

    Every office with even a single computer needs I.T. support from time to time. And when you're the one needing help, trust our certified, professional technicians to help resolve your issue. PC, network, servers and those pesky printers. We've got your back!


    Every business is at risk

    Big or small, businesses face unprecedented risk while "online". From ransomware rendering your files and devices inaccessible to sneaky hackers siphoning customer and confidential data from you. We have the skills, tools and experience to secure your network.

    Network Support & Maintenance

    Network Slow? Spotty WiFi? Security Issues?

    Setting up, configuring and maintaining a fast and secure network are essential to consistent business productivity. From troubleshooting to complete network overhauls and upgrades, our team of Network Engineers are ready to assist.

    I.T. Project Management

    I.T. is complex. So are the projects.

    Our team of Project Managers have decades of experience and the right technical team backing them to make informed, technically adept decisions to manage your I.T. project. We will integrate with your business to accelerate and complete the project.

    I.T. Sales & Support

    Big box stores don't suit business I.T. needs

    Still going to big box stores to purchase hardware, software and other I.T. essentials for your business? These stores are consumer focused, not business. We have developed a fast and efficient supply chain with the right vendors for your business and budget.

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    Small Business

    For businesses who need a little help

    (up to 3 users)

    Starting at


    per month

    PC Anti-virus/Security

    PC Updates & Monitoring

    Document Backup

    Discounted Support Rates






    For businesses who need more help

    (up to 10 users)

    Starting at


    per month

    Everything in Small Business, plus:

    Managed Backup & Recovery

    Vulnerability Scans & Remediation

    Network Security

    PC & Network Monitoring & Reporting

    Unlimited Help Desk




    For businesses who need 24x7 help

    (10+ users)

    Starting at


    per month

    Everything in Business, plus:

    Server Management

    Network Management

    PC Management

    Software Management

    Dedicated Account Manager


  • Your technology challenges.

    Our expertise and solutions.

    With over a decade of helping small and medium-sized business solve their I.T. challenges, we understand what your business needs. We follow best practices, and ensure our techs and engineers have the best training. But we teach innovation, efficiency, and professionalism. We look forward to working with you.

    Small business values

    built on big business capabilities

  • Managed Services

    what does the buzzword actually mean?

    Managed Services & your business

    The term "managed services" is floating around everywhere. Many businesses, like yours, barely have their technology under control. There's no process in place for deploying PCs or managing the network. No method of backing up important files and information. And when things do go wrong, it's chaos because there are no procedures or plans to help get the business back up and running.


    Managed Services solve these challenges by:

    • Standardizing technology deployments
    • Securing PCs, servers and the network
    • Backing up important information & devices
    • Recovering from disasters when they occur 
    Managed services providers often offer a "package" in the form of a subscription which cleanly enforce the overall management of your devices, network and security.
  • Our Team

    Trained. Certified. Professional.

    Justin Smith

    President & Chief Engineer

    Justin is a cybersecurity expert by trade. With more than 10 years in I.T. and I.T. Security, he has served clients around the Globe on complex and sensitive issues. Justin founded Midshore Technology Services in 2018 after re-naming and giving its predecessor a new brand. Currently based out of the Denton, MD office, Justin serves clients throughout the MD, DE, DC and VA areas.

    Kyle Lingard

    Jr. IT Support Analyst

    Kyle is the newest addition to the Midshore Technology Services Team. Kyle, a recent graduate of North Caroline High School is currently attending Chesapeake College, focusing on Computer Science. If you call the office, you'll most likely speak and work with Kyle as he is our "first line of defense" in solving your business I.T. needs. Kyle also works out of the Denton, MD office.

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